Dreamers dreaming

I dreamt of you last night
we were young
and we were free,
and we were so alike
[those days]
I keep looking for
your lips in other smiles,
I keep searching but is
only your face I can remind
when I close my eyes.
There´s your madness
there´s your shine
there´s your crazy mind
out of the blue
out of the dark.

[Tributo a Morrisey]

2 comentarios:

shonoy dijo...

Just passed =D
have a nice day

PabloF dijo...

I can see what you see not,
vision milky then eyes rot.
When You turn they will be gone
whispering their hidden song.
Now you see what cannot be,
shadows move where light should be.
Out of darkness, out of mind...
Cast Down into the Halls of the Blinds!